Stop the Chatter (with VibrationView)

    Does your vibration testing involve products containing electromagnetic relays or motor contactors?

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    Digital Noise:  Taking the Buzz out of your Signal

    Having a number of young children in my home, I am familiar with the constant background sounds of Lego towers crashing to the floor, the pitter-patter of energetic activity, and the sounds of voices planning their next adventures.  In the quite moments late in the evening when all the children are in bed, my wife and I sometimes detect the soft hum of the bathroom fan, and wonder “how long has that been running?”  Such sounds can be drowned out by other background noise throughout the day.

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    When Should I Use RANDOM Vibration Testing?

    Topics: Random Vibration Testing

    Did you know...

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    When Should I add Kurtosion to my Random Vibration Test?

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    When Should I Use SINE Vibration Testing?

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    Accelerometer Selection:  What should I use for my Vibration Test?

    Topics: accelerometer

    Transducer Selection:  Which one should I use for my Vibration Test?

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    The Breaking Point: How Fatigue Damage Spectrum Can Help Predict a Product’s Life Expectancy

    Topics: FDS, Education

    Make Things Go Smoothly Even When They Shouldn't

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